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(Second Edition)

How many decisions do we make in a day? How many do we second guess, regret, wonder what the other option would have meant for us?It can depend on the first make.What's the first step to solve any problem and make inspired choices?Focus on your perspectiveHere's a simple mantra:Troubled? Feeling uninspired? Stuck in a loop?Step back and widen your perspectiveConfused? Zoom in to a narrower focus.These techniques can help find an optimal perspective to focus on.Read in Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle:

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(First Edition)

Do you know - we make thousands of decisions a day, but are we sure they are the right decisions?What’s the first step to solve any problem and take effective decisions?Focus on your perspective.Are you too troubled? Step back and widen your perspective.Confused? Zoom in to a narrower focus.These techniques can help find the right focus and perspective.Read in PDF and Kindle (EPUB and MOBI Versions):

Journey into Wholeness

My mission is to help you to connect to a rich source of healing, happiness, freedom: to your own self.If you are seeking to find your purpose in life, I can help you. If you are seeking a support for blaming the world for your problems, I cannot help you.This journey can be peaceful, miraculous, amazing, of acceptance and release, a journey of self-discovery, acknowledging that your smile essence lies within your happiness and sadness, in laughter and tears, in joy and anger, in a way that helps you and the world.

Ground to Soar

Our signature program offers a modular structure that students can follow at their own pace with certifications to start your own wellness business.The focus is on self-unfolding to become aware that you are a co-creator of life.

CoCreator Circle

CoCreator Circle’s mission is to cocreate the emergence of Gaia Consciousness by connecting with the cocreator within all of humanity.We seek to actively engage with all movements that are bringing about a world that benefits all beings.

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